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hi, we have just been told the horrrid news yesterday that our german shepherd dog,tara has cancer in her nose, i cannot stop crying at the thought of losing her, she is 6 and is my best friend and shadow, we walk all over together she follows me in the house, i cannot cope without her, she is my best friend, she is quite poorly at the moment i think, as her nose is slightly blocked both sides with blood and she is mainly breathing through her mouth, the vet wanted to put her to sleep yesterday but i said no and we made the appointment for monday, i dont know how i am going to do this, but i know i cannot let her suffer, but one min she looks poorly and is heavy breathing and she sort of lays with her head up and eyes close and i dont think she is sleeping much, but she is still eating and drinking, and her tail is wagging, then she livens up and we think she is getting better, does anyone think she could get better, i am dreading having her put to sleep at the thought that she may get better.
this started around 3 months ago with a sneeze and a nose bleed, the vet has done an xray and said the results were inconclusive so he sent a swab of her nose off, and now says it is cancer, can he be 100% right just by doin these tests,

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