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I haven't been back on this site in a long time. After loosing Taz no one seemed to understand how I was feeling but everyone here at least would listen to my pain & for this I thank you. Since this experience we have got 2 more dogs - a Mini American Esk - Bear Cub and then a year later another Husky - Diego.

What I have learned from all of this is that I don't use the local large animal vet anymore - that was where Taz had gone. We now go to a clinic that specializes in small animals - that is their specialility and for good reason - you wouldn't go to the foot doctor for an ear ache. What I like about this new place is that they treat the pets like they were human - during & after any surgury they are hooked up to heart monitors & they have someone sit with them until they are fully recovered. You might pay a bit more but the additional care & attention that you receive are worth it as well as the piece of mind.

I agree with the one earlier post - get a referal from a friend or ask them what they have for a recovery room - if they look at you like you have mental problems - move on to the next one until you find a vet that you feel comfortable with - you, yourself - wouldn't use a doctor that didn't care!
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