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Do you know WHY he acts this way? I think most posters responding have assumed it's because he is afraid or nervous of the car and if that is the case then I agree with their ideas. But is that why? You haven't actually told us. The reason I question is because my friend's GR is the same way because he is THRILLED to be in the car, expecting it to result in a lovely off-leash walk. He is so bad she has had to pull over to calm him down and has missed doggy dates to walk with us. Her trainer has advised her to simply put him in the car every chance she can but not take him for a walk. She is to take him with her when she runs out to get milk, fill up with gas, pick up the kids etc, just don't let him think he only gets a car ride when there is a walk in it for him. In other words, she is trying to make car rides more boring and uneventful too but for different reasons than fright. Just in case it helps you.
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