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Originally Posted by ZeroCat View Post
Although I'm an advocate of homeopathic remedies,
Just to clarify, L-Lysine isn't a homeopathic remedy. Holistic supplement, yes, but not homeopathic.

Originally Posted by ZeroCat View Post
Each time I've brought her for a cold related visit she's "prescribed" L-lysine, an over-the-counter amino acid. At this point, wouldn't it make sense to just go ahead and prescribe antibiotics?
I actually think it's great that your vet isn't automatically prescribing antibiotics. First of all, feline URIs are usually caused by viruses (most commonly either herpes or calicivirus). Antibiotics are useless against viruses. They might be applicable for treating secondary infections, but antibiotic use is not without risk and so should be prescribed very judiciously. L-Lysine can be effective in herpes cases, possibly less so if it's calicivirus, but either way it can't hurt. How much are you giving your cat?

There are some other treatment options you can try at home, but the big thing is to improve your cat's immune system. Reduce stress as much as possible, feed the best food that you can afford (wet, not dry), and maybe consider something like Lactoferrin or colostrum. Here are a couple links with more info:
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