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L-lysine vs antibiotics - vet scam?

Although I'm an advocate of homeopathic remedies, I'm growing concerned that my vet might be scamming me. I've taken my kitten to the vet five times in the last four months - once for her initial visit, then for the follow-up, and then an additional three times due to a cold that just won't go away. Each time I've brought her for a cold related visit she's "prescribed" L-lysine, an over-the-counter amino acid. At this point, wouldn't it make sense to just go ahead and prescribe antibiotics? Is L-lysine powder really that effective in treating cat colds? We've had mild success with this at best. And by prescribing L-lysine every time, it forces me to return for yet another visit a few weeks after I've realized that it's still not working. Ay yay yay! I want to trust her expert opinion but I'm having a tough time.
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