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Thanks, Tommysmom - I am very concerned about putting Bobby on prednisone - the last vet wanted to put him on it - "to hasten his pain reduction" but he was having such trouble with the steroids he was on, I just couldn't do it - and once he was off those meds, he actually seemed better!

Kinesiology works much the same as the chinese medicine system - it works with the body's energy system as a whole - and works with the chakras and, yes, the qi (energy).. (also pronounced spelled chi).. I, myself, use Qi Gong for some medical problems and because of that system, am walking without a cane now and with no sciatic or hip pain - gotta love it!

Anyway, I have decided to give the Kinesiology another month - he has had some rather miraculous improvements from it so I'll see. He had an extremely bad day on Christmas Day - and it scared me. He hasn't been that bad for a very long time, if ever but he has bounced back. If he reacts to his food again, there is a holistic vet up Island that I'll try to get to see - I did some checking and it appears she is well-respected. Interestingly, Kinesiology did come up with Acupuncture as a possible aide for Bobby so I'll look into that a bit more too.

Thanks again and have a very Happy New Year with your now healthy puppy!
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