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[QUOTE=Tommysmom;722643]I really have to second - or third! - the advice regarding holistic/homeopathic vets.

My Tommy was dying, even though every test from every specialist came back negative for everything they could think of to test for. He couldn't even tolerate the vegetarian food, which is supposed to be the last resort for dogs who can't tolerate animal proteins.

WOW - does that ever sound like Bobby! Everything tests absolutely normal - that's why I went to a Kinesiologist - the vets weren't finding anything that they could "treat".. Since Bobby's first Kinesiology session - he has had NO flare-ups of his spine or his hip - they used to get so hot it hurt to touch them. He hasn't staggered since then either. He does limp every once in a while on his left front and she is now working on that. She is now working on his digestive system and things related but it's either taking longer or isn't prone to this type of treatment - I just don't know. Bobby did react to the Vegetarian food - and that's after going through different Hypoallergenic foods.

What treatment did Tommy have? You mention prednisone - was Tommy on it for any length of time? and was this from the holistic vet?

Thank you for your information! I remember reading some of your posts and thinking there were similarities to Bobby but I was so busy worrying about my boy I didn't follow up at the time.
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