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Thanks guys

Thanks, She is certainly a sweet little girl. Just an update: She is catching on to the house training. She watches my GoldenX and I think she is picking up the whole bathroom-outside-rather-than-on-the-rug concept, although she did have 2 accidents today. She is pooping outside which is good and for the most part peeing outside too.
She seems to be super smart too. Picked up the sit command in about 3 minutes. wow......
She has spent her first two days chasing leaves that are blowing in all this wind.
She spent last night in her crate and after about an hour of crying slept through the night.....
No more diarrea and she will be starting on her all-out RAW diet on Wednesday.... (looking forward to the smaller poops that come with the raw diet. Our Golden is three times her size but her poops are half the size).
Thanks again for your support and if you don't mind I will try to keep you updated
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