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We adopted one of the dogs too

Hi: I found this site after doing some research on the Haverstock dogs. Our family adopted one of the little ones from the Hamilton Humane Society. it's been a real adventure since. First off, She is a real sweetheart. Quite submissive to our 10 year old golden/collie cross.
However, she certainly has her problems from being in the home. She is not house trained at all. Add to that, she developed diarrhea the first day. So between cleaning up diarrhea and dealing with her separation anxiety, it was real fun. Today her stools are better and she is getting along with her doggy friend pretty good. Once we get her housetrained she has the potential to be a very good dog. She is cute as a button. Impossible to pin down her origins. Although there was a lot of talk about labs, I find it hard to believe she has much lab in her. She is supposed to be about 8 months and she is the size of a fox or small coyote. Her fur is really weird. it has some wire-haired ..... aspect to it. She is tan colour with an underlying black coat..... little eyes and a terrier-like skull. She weighs in at about 20-30 pounds. I hope she stays that size....
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