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Originally Posted by mummummum View Post
TotallyHip ~

Jan ~ not suggesting that you stop the supplements. I wouldn't either. In fact I suggest you look at adding to them. Dasuquin may help.

I'll look into that one.

I'm still working my brain around this ... something beyond food is defintitely going on. If it's food at all. No ear, eye or skin issues, no vomitting ~ liver and /or pancreas ?? Or is it neural ~ the vision and falling down. Just a result of pain?

Sorry Jan, I reallly am just thinking out loud. Any thoughts out there?
Please don't be sorry - any and all help is appreciated! I have been so
involved with this lately that I've quite probably not mentioned some of his other symptoms/problems...

No ear problems - eyesight comes and goes - his left eye will sometimes weep a gooey substance - and that happens when his skin has turned the red/purple colour (which I have attributed to food). no vomiting. Kidneys, Liver and pancreas have checked out ok. Having said that - they checked out ok with the vets - I'm now going to specifically ask that the kinesiologist check them out..

If I think of any more symptoms/problems, I'll post them..

His organs have checked out ok with the vets. I've had 3 different animal communicators contact him and they all have suggested there may be a problem with the heart - but no-one could or would elaborate on that. Also wondering about a heart problem, the vet asked if Bobby had any dry cough and at the time he didn't. Since that visit though, I have noticed that he will cough as if he is trying to clear his throat - it's a dry cough - it comes and goes and does not seem to be a result of his food intolerance or his staggering.

Lately I have noticed that he will not pee for about 12 hours - from say 9 pm to around 9 am or sometimes later - this is from the last outing for the night until we get down to the Beach in the morning. When I send him outside after his breakfast he will often just sit at the door until I ask him to come back in. He poops ok..
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