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TotallyHip ~ the only issue I have with chicken is how it's handled by producers and particularly, retailers. It's a great source of protein for most nanimules if it's "done" properly. I'll also note that that some dogs can digest eggs (just pulverize the shell please, they need the calcium) where they can't eat chicken meat.

Jan ~ not suggesting that you stop the supplements. I wouldn't either. In fact I suggest you look at adding to them. Dasuquin may help. He has huge musculo-skeletal issues (which I suppose reflect the over-breeding of Golden's ) ~ the prednisone as an anti-inflammatory may actually help his digestion, certainly by reducing the inflammation but also from a pain-control perspective. Never been a big fan of steroids myself, but they have their place and they DO work. Pain control can be a huge in managing food issues.

I'm still working my brain around this ... something beyond food is defintitely going on. If it's food at all. No ear, eye or skin issues, no vomitting ~ liver and /or pancreas ?? Or is it neural ~ the vision and falling down. Just a result of pain?

Sorry Jan, I reallly am just thinking out loud. Any thoughts out there?
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