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Originally Posted by mummummum View Post
I'm also going to post a question in health about colostrum as a separate thread Jan as I'm curious whether those with animals IBD/ colitis/ Crohn's have ever found success with it.

But, I do think there's more to this than food.
I agree its sounds like more than just food allergy. When we stopped the vaccines it took forever for it to come out of Luke's body. About 1 year before the allergies were completely gone.

I disagree about the Salmonella but thats my opinion for another thread if you decide to go back to raw then try another protein source. Beef, bison, lamb, rabbit? So much other meat sources besides turkey or chicken. Luke can't eat any poultry so we feed everything else but

We have had huge success feeding a raw diet to our Colitis dogs that we have fostered in the past. And they are still on raw in the adoptive homes and doing GREAT. They do really well on raw. At the shelter we feed the Colitis dogs Natural Balance Duck & Potato with some rice and 100% pure pumpkin. That helps them.
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