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Originally Posted by mummummum View Post
When he had his last blood work done ~ are all his organs (liver, pancreas and kidneys esp.) are doing what they should be doing? And the results of fecal samples taken on a regular basis?

Does he take prescribed medication of any kind on a regular basis? Have you ever tried eliminating the supplements to see if the digestion improves?

Any of the others in your household (furry and skins) have any "odd" ( you know what I mean) problems?
His last bloodwork showed a low-normal Thyroid - everything else tested ok - no diabetes.. His last fecal sample was several months ago and he had chlostridium - which is now cleared up - he had antibiotics for that. No other meds.

He has been on the glucosamine and salmon oil for about a year now - given the dysplasia and the disc problem I really don't want to chance his coming off that. I have taken him off all supplements for about 4 months then re-introduced acidophilus and introduced chlorella within the last month. He has had bad spells with and without the supplements.

No-one else in the household has any "odd" problems (other than worry that is)... Amber and Shadow are healthy and as normal as could be.

There really is a correlation between his food reactions and his body functions though - he only has flare-ups when he is reacting to food. When I have changed the food the skin and body functions all clear up within a few days usually.
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