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Originally Posted by totallyhip View Post
Another thing that I found with Luke is that he is allergic to all vaccines.
Somewhere around here on is a huge thread I and others wrote about vaccinosis. And I was wondering about that amongst other things myself.

From a food perspective...I'm not sure I agree about plunging right back into raw though. And, I personally would not do it with chicken. Although it is generally easier to digest, it is more prone to salmonella and listeria and with a dog with huge gut issues already I would worry about all the other that commercially raised chickens are fed.

Personally I would also stay away from all commercially prepared foods and go back to cooking a single protein. No vegges, no grains, no extra treats, no nothing. You mentioned that you had some success with beef, have tried bison once and that he can still eat the bones. If you can find a source for FRESH-from the-slaughterhouse certified organic beef (that may be less expensive than bison), I'd go in that direction. I would be (being me ) cook it in a cast iron fry pan with just enough organic butter to oil up the pan.

I'm also going to post a question in health about colostrum as a separate thread Jan as I'm curious whether those with animals IBD/ colitis/ Crohn's have ever found success with it.

But, I do think there's more to this than food.
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