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I am really sorry that you had a bad experience with them. I never heard of them and I don't know how they operate. Should this rescue be reported for their questionable conduct, but to whom??? These are some pointers to look out for! Some people pretend to be "rescuers", because there is money involved. And the public that send them donations think that their money is going to the animals. It sometimes doesn't. You have to be careful where you adopt from. Look out for their concern if the animal will be going to a good home? Check if they are eager to adopt it out, without asking too many questions? Are you filling out an adoption form, with details about you? Are they giving you a vet's booklet with all the vaccines and surgery done on your pet?? Ask for their charity number. And if you are only sending a donation, ask for a receipt. Often you will not receive one. You may end up with a sick animal that will cost you $$$ at the vet. Let alone the heartaches included. Good dog rescue groups are: Rosie, Gerdy's, Animatch and Sophie's.
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