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Originally Posted by natalia View Post
My cat is about 6 years old. The reason for the x-ray was to see how large the stool was inside his colon, that is when my vet noticed that this kidney was abnormal, but it seems to be alright because my vet didnít mention anything about his kidney and said if there was a problem with it he would let me know.

3 nights ago I bought canned pumpkin and have been mixing it with my cats wet food, he doesnít really enjoy eating it and neither does my other cat who has no health concerns. Iím planning on giving the canned pumpkin with all meals today and for tomorrow just in the morning and night with the wet food and in between giving them the dry food which they enjoy eating.

Let me know if I should try something else, feed the pumpkin in a different way, or anything.... advice on this would be greatly appreciate!
Hi Natalia,

My 9 year old male cat, Pip, has had chronic constipation issues for 2+ years. I have had him on stool softeners and medications such as Cisapride and Dulcolax. He has had enemas by the vet and has had to be sedated several times to remove impacted feces. Kitty Lax and other hairball pastes work if he doesn't flip all of it off of his paws and nose. My latest trick is to put the hairball paste into an EZ dose medicine syringe and squirt it into his mouth. I think if he gets enough in his system each day, it should do the trick. I have to sit on the floor with Pip facing me. I put one leg over his body so that he can't escape during this process. So far, it seems to be working. Any hairball paste that contains mineral oil should work. Try this and let me know if it works for your kitty.
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