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Originally Posted by natalia View Post
My cat is constipated and it hasn’t been the first time.
How old is your cat? Has he had any recent blood work and a urinalysis?

Originally Posted by natalia View Post
He is a little on the larger side of his weight, he used to be an outdoor cat until I moved about a month ago, he eats dry food which I have just switched to wet.
Hopefully switching to wet will help. Try also adding a few extra tsps of warm water. A dry-only diet tends to be dehydrating, which can cause constipation on in some cats. The wet should also help with some weight loss.

Originally Posted by natalia View Post
Also, In the past my cat had fractured this pelvis and so I think this might be another big factor to why he gets constipated.
This could be huge factor.:

The main causes of feline constipation include dietary problems; foreign (or environmental) bodies that cannot be expelled easily from the body (such as fur, bones, string, etc.); bowel movements that are painful and are the direct result of a rectal or anal disease; obstructions such as tumors or old pelvic fractures, and neurological causes such as spinal cord damage, paralysis, and megacolon.

Originally Posted by natalia View Post
I don’t really know what to do, I called my doc and I’m going to be picking up a stool softener for him. But as of that I’m planning on giving wet food with olive oil, buying canned pumpkin and maybe some powdered Metamucil.
I caution the use of Metamucil, which can be pretty harsh for some cats. You absolutely must add plenty of extra water with it or you risk making the problem worse. Slippery elm bark is usually a better, gentler choice (although you still have to add some water).

Something else that might be worth trying is aloe vera juice (with no sodium benzoate as a preservative - Lily of the Desert inner leaf juice is a good choice). 5-10 drops mixed in with food twice a day is a reasonable dose. Also Vet's Best Cat lube and Vetbasis hairball gel are good preventative options.

Hope some of this helps!

ETA - here's another link that might have useful info:
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