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I have a girl cat that has had constipation issues for a long long time - usually about every three months. We are over a really bad episode (I hope). She had major constipation for the last couple of weeks. I finally took her to the vet again because she would strain so hard that she would throw up. The vet put her under for about ten minutes and completely cleaned her out. He also gave her an anema (while she was under) and popped one of her anal glands. This is a new vet and my old vet never cleaned her out. The new vet said that there was a huge blockage at the front of her anal opening that seems to have been there for quite some time. We now have her on Lactulose (a stool softner) and 100% pure pumpkin. It took her about 3 days after her fiasco at the vet to actually have a stool. But since Tuesday she has been pretty regular. I had tried slippery elm for 4 days before I took her to the vet with no response. I may try it again because I am thinking nothing really would have worked because she was so blocked up....The vet had also given me a stool softner called melaxicam.

Sounds like your cat got stressed out from the move??? My vet says that alot of cats that get stressed will get constipated. He thinks that my cat is a little worry wart
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