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Exclamation My constipated cat. Help!

My cat is constipated and it hasnít been the first time. A few weeks ago I took my cat to the vet which he took x-rays and saw that he had a large size stool inside this colon and an abnormal kidney which seems to be functioning normally. He is a little on the larger side of his weight, he used to be an outdoor cat until I moved about a month ago, he eats dry food which I have just switched to wet. Also, In the past my cat had fractured this pelvis and so I think this might be another big factor to why he gets constipated. When he was taken for a few nights the vet gave him an enema a day =4 , IVís, pain killers, and provided me with amoxicillin/clavulanate potassium for a week. What the Doc did was break the stool into pieces by placing his hand under his colon which took 4 days for my cat to actually have a bowl movement.
So last night my cat was having the same contractions as he did the first time he was constipated, so I gave him wet food drenched in olive oil, dripped water into his mouth, and made him run around a little in the house. So at night he ended up having 2 bowl movements! Thank God! And in the morning one more time and it was nice and soft. I hate when this happens, I feel like this is going to keep happening to him. I donít really know what to do, I called my doc and Iím going to be picking up a stool softener for him. But as of that Iím planning on giving wet food with olive oil, buying canned pumpkin and maybe some powdered Metamucil.

If anyone has been in my situation please help, I donít want this to happen again. Its too much pain and strain for my cat. Any help will help.
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