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Orijen, a balanced diet and the Monster

Thank-you Rusty and Sugar for welcoming me to your forum.

Rye, that's so good. I'd also love to see some photos.

No, Burnsy has definitely not been exposed to Orijen cat food (thank god). I appreciate you mentioning that. I had no idea about the recall and it's, again, opened my eyes to how ignorant i have been on feline nutritional issues. As the carer of 3 cats i should really be more aware. Especially seeing Burnsy's symptoms are identical to those poor affected cats.

I agree with you Sugar, i should have said "balanced diet" rather that varied or rich. It was what i was meaning to say but it was late and sometimes words escape me. Their diet has been terribly unbalanced. In a way it's good to hear you confirm how bad this is. It's making me think i may have pin pointed his ailment and can do something about it. It would be nice to think i have some control over the situation and could end his suffering. You souldn't think of us as irresponsible or unattentive owners. The cats haven't always eaten this way. I have only changed to an all meat diet a month or 2 ago, ignorantly thinking less processed meals fit for human consumption would be an improvement to their diet. Problem was i presumed what was best rather than educating myself.

Razzy Cat is 18 months while Jaffa and Burnsy and both 10 months. They've all enjoyed a healthy, balanced, commercial diet for most of their lives. They were all raised to 6 months on Whiskas Kitten Food, Whiskas Milk Plus and Whiskas Dry Food for Kittens. They were then gradually weaned to the adult equivalent and we stopped the milk. Whiskas is a well respected, commercial brand. The dry food clearly states it contains carefully balanced levels of Calcium and Phosphorus. Extra Thiamin is used in the wet food so some survives the cooking process and it's full of natural antioxidants to boost his immune system. The milk also containes Thiamine and Taurine. Mince meat and fresh fish was a rare treat in the early days and of course fresh water has always been available. Razzy stayed on the kitten food for the full 12 months (as recommended) but Jaffa and Burns graduated earlier as they kept stealing Razzy's adult food anyway and the adult range had more flavours. We only started feeding the cats tined tuna in springwater on a regular basis a month or two ago. I then started giving them mince more often to add some variety. They've always had their Whiskas dry food served and topped up through out the day. Water changed twice a day. They've always atleast had a couple of Whiskas wet food pouches every week.

I'm in two minds about how much his diet has contributed to his current condition. There's no doubt it's a factor. Burnsy's decline could be seen as mirroring the change in his diet. He's been a little delicate and clumsy for a fews weeks now. He's been fragile and in pain for the last few days. His urinary infection was the cause of half his problems but would he have had the infection if he hadn't come off the commercial diet with all it's antioxidants? He seemed to have regained bladder control after he had his shot of antibiotics but he is still frail. I know antibiotics knock people and pets around but his balance and timidness is still a concern. Is he still suposed to be in pain? I still can't help but feel there's more to this story yet. He is back on his commercial kitty diet and we're looking into supplements but with sedatives, pain killers and antibiotics still in his system its hard to tell what's working and how much of a difference it's making. Only time will tell.

Unless anyone has more suggestions all i can do is continue surfing the net for answers while keeping him comfortble and well nourished. I'm scared it might get to the stage of neurological testing and am looking for any, less traumatic, alternative. I'll keep you all informed on his progress and anything more i find out.
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