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Originally Posted by ryebread View Post
Truthfully -- I've not contacted Wellness. I cannot say for sure that it's linked to their product. Our other Burmese cat eats the exact same diet and has never shown any issues. If both had tracked to similar symptoms, then I'd absolutely be screaming at Wellness over their food and posting at every forum I could find.

Maybe our cat just had a bad day on the one day of eating the seafood pellets mixed in? Maybe our cat has a seafood allergy? I'm not going to solely point fingers at their product.

I'm still using their chicken product as the cat enjoys eating it and it really gives him a soft, glossy coat. I will not be using the Seafood product again though.

My gut says that the cat probably has hypokalemic myopathy which shows up in young Burmese cats. When in a down cycle, he matches every single symptom.

Regardless of the ultimate root cause, if he can be treated with potassium and vitamin E supplements, then I'm more than happy to do it. His improvement is so drastic that one would not even believe that this is the same cat.

Hope this helps!
I am so glad he has gotten back to his old self.

I do second sugarcatmom's advice in getting a better quality canned for your kitties.

Oh and pics of course, you need to post some pics
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