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Originally Posted by Blastasaurus View Post
We'd been feeding the cats nothing but tined tuna, mince meat and the ocassional pre-packaged cat food.
Hi, and welcome to! I'm hoping your kitty makes a full recovery, and good for you for looking more into his nutrition. I gotta say, that's a terribly unbalanced diet you're feeding. It's not that cats need a great variety in their food, but they do need properly balanced nutrients, particularly where the calcium/phosphorus ratio is concerned. A diet of canned tuna and ground meat is awfully lacking in calcium and should make up no more than 10% of your kitties meal portions. Please either feed a quality commercial canned food (dry isn't good for cats), or consider doing some more research into what it takes to make a homemade diet. I wouldn't feed tuna anymore either:

Here is a good site for more info on feline nutrition:

I'll let RUSTYcat deal with the Orijen issue.
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