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Just wanted to let you all know that the training is going great, although he still isn't perfect! Yesterday something hot from the oven fell on the floor and before I even said, "leave it," Casey was looking at me for advice. However, when there was a small tub of ice cream left on the sidewalk where we walked yesterday, he managed to get his nose in for a couple of licks . The thing is, I can hardly blame him for that one! I've found that "Leave it" has also cured his sock attack issue (if he sees someone putting socks on he goes crazy as if the socks are great little toys), which is something my husband will be very pleased about when he comes home tonight!!! "Drop it" is going well also, but not as well... He won't always drop things, but he doesn't do the lock jaw thing anymore and will let me take anything out of his mouth with no fight. This is a huge improvement, but we've still got a ways to go. Thanks so much all!!!