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Exclamation My dogs being weird

Tonight at about 8:30 my dog had to go out i let him out and since its about 23 degrees farenhite outside i was going to him inside in like 3 minutes (he has an electric fence) after he would not go inside after about 10 minutes of trying to get him inside i called my step dad he came home 20 minutes later and got him inside. he then started to claw at the door and would try to get outside whenever he could. i tried to give him water but he would not drink it i then watched some t.v. and told my step dad to go back outabout an hour later his behavyour still had not changed he was shaking and would not responed to his name he was heavyly panting and shaking and he has diarea. i called my mom and stedad agin they came home and are whole family is very comfused we need some answers please help he is also an 11 month chocolate lab he is now sleeping we have also given him pepto bismo. please help
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