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Nerve Damage.

Thank you for your replywhen i got my hetty she had a huge swollen belly which the vet had said was due to worm infestation (she came from some awful neighbour,s who keep lots of entire cats and allow them to breed) this had caused her back legs to splay outwards although i was assured by my vet that this would correct itself with good feeding and TLC
It was after her accident that another vet at the practice diagnosed HD:sad:he manipulated her back legs and said that she had very small ball joints and these were slipping in and out of the sockets causing lameness .
No tests (blood or others) have been carried out nor X-rays been taken.
To say i feel let down is an understatement and i am considering asking for a referral to another (better) vet in my area
I was devastated to receive yesterday,s news that she would not ever have a normal life but she is a very happy kittyeats well and would not entertain any thoughts of killing her just because she cannot walk:sad:she can get around really quickly and is able to use her litter tray without helpshe has full control of her bladder and bowels
I read in an earlier post that nerve damage can take a long time to heal and i do feel that she will improve with time pretty much as the first vet predicted(it,s been a month since the accident so not long really)
I am based in the U.K. so i am not sure how clued up our vet,s are compared to those in the U.S. most do not approve of keeping disabled pet,s
They don,t seem keen on the use of complimentry treatment,s judging by my vet,s reaction when i mentioned Acupuncture but i will try anything to improve my girl,s welfareI have enough love (and time) to spend on nursing her if she remains disabledwould appreiciate any advice
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