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First, welcome!

Second, I'm really curious how your vet came to a HD diagnosis in your kitty...hip dysplasia is a heritable (genetic) disorder that usually doesn't turn up until animals are older, not sudden onset after an accident like you described, and I have to tell you I've never heard of it causing that kind of lameness in a kitty... HD is a malformity of the hip sockets that causes wear and arthritis in the hip, and has nothing to do with nerve damage...I'm really confused how your vet came to that diagnosis...

It seems far more likely to me that your kitty sustained damage to her back (nerve damage) that is causing this partial paralysis.

Some thoughts and questions: many kitties do just fine with slightly wonky back legs. If you're happy and she's happy there's absolutely no need to PTS. Secondly, is she peeing/pooping ok? Does she have control over it? This would be my main concern with a para-kitty.
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