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Nerve Damage.

I am new to this forum (joined yesterday) and already it has given me hope
I have a kitten aged 4 months who was diagnosed with Hip Displasia:sad: This happened after one of my other kittens jumped on her back as she was coming down the stairs and since then she has been dragging her back legs although she sometimes stands up on them:sad:the vet decided to take a wait and see approach with her treatment,she was also put on restricted exercise so i made her a little compound in my bedroom with all her toysscratching post keep her happy

Yesterday i went back with her for X-rays to be carried out but i saw a different vet who just watched her trying to walk on his very slippery floor and commented that she would never recover (he said she also had nerve damage although he did not examine her)and offered to PTShaving refused his kind offer i turned to google and it came up trumps with this forum
reading through this thread has given me so much info that i know i have made the right decisionI am going to try Acupunture with her has anyone on here had any luck with this treatment for Hip Displasia/nerve damageI would be grateful for any suggestions on treament for my little girl.
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