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Originally Posted by harmonie View Post
i have done alot of research on foods and now feed my cats and dog orijen and love it. its pretty much the next best thing to raw food.
Um, not exactly. Kibble, no matter who makes it or what they say on the packaging, is not the next best thing to raw when we're talking about cats. It is still highly processed and it still contains a number of ingredients that obligate carnivores don't need. It's biggest drawback, however, is the lack of moisture. Cats have evolved getting all of their water requirements met through their food, aka mice and birds with 60-80% moisture. Kibble is 10% moisture or less. This recent phenomenon of feeding our cats only dry food is resulting in a whole host of subsequent medical conditions like bladder/urinary tract issues, kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.

So the next best thing to raw is actually canned. It's great that your cats are doing better on Orijen, but perhaps they'd thrive even more if they were eatiing wet food.
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