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I was puzzled when you guys said I left without finishing my post. For the life of me I couldn't remember leaving Then I remembered I had to resize and crop Pepper's pics before posting them and I had to leave to do that. :duh:

The family emergency is over and done with and everyone is fine now. I never stopped thinking about my promise to post more pics and tell you how she was. But a couple of days ago when I finally had time to post, I was embarrassed for not answering sooner and wondered if anyone would still be interested after all this time, not having been a member at, for long. Everyone has been so supportive I decided it didn't really matter how long it had been, the point was to finish what I promised, then anyone who was still interested could hear about Pepper's recovery.

After all the help everyone gave me, I hope to be able to spend more time here helping others if I can

One incident that sticks out in my mind as being really cute. Pepper had been wearing the little shirt you see in the following picture since she came home from the vet. We used the shirt instead of an E-collar to prevent her licking her incision or taking off the bandage. The shirt is an XL bought at Petsmart, and was the only one I could find anywhere that would fit her, there were no larger sizes available. It was difficult to put on her because it could have been a size larger, so we decided to leave it on because I knew we'd be in for a fight if I tried to replace it.

So after her stitches were removed, we took it off and sent it to the laundry though she wasn't happy and kept going to my laundry basket to look at it.
When it was clean it had unfortunately shrunk and would have been impossible to put back on her. I was putting away the laundry and picked her shirt out of the laundry basket. As soon a she saw it she started trying to put her head inside it, so I draped it over he back and she went running off with it. When it dropped to the floor I decided to show her it was too small by putting it over her head. It was too tight but she spent the afternoon with the shirt around her neck, happy as a clam. I was amazed at her behaviour, she obviously recognized this shirt as hers and was going to have it no matter what She was so cute I wish I had another one that is bigger than the last so when it shrunk she could still wear it.

Pepper came from a man who was going into a nursing home 3 years ago and I think she must have worn her own shirt when she was younger. Too bad they didn't bring it with her when I adopted her.

She is such a character
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