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Rick - what a contented look on Abby's face eating Santa's hat Keeper so forlorn wanting snow

CClover - excellant shot of Meezer vs Mousie I love meezers A tired pup is a happy pup (& makes for happy people too LOL)

danam314 - Koda is adorable love the shot w/the monkey

Mollywog - that wee little Molly grrl is too cute I'd like to cuddle in there w/her Bentleys' cute waiting for his presents

Rottielover - that looks like a "please don't take my toys" face LOL

Winston - doesn't count unless Winston is with the Toys, you'll hafta try again

dogcatharmony - love the first one - who gets eaten first

Spatx - aww Novas' nervous in the 1st one, nice to see her getting used to the octopus, soon comes the familiar-with-the-stuffing-stage

BusterBoo - poor Buster! waiting so patiently for his Toys
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