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Well, I've done it.

I've sold my beautiful big pleco (sniff, sigh) and silver dollars to a man with a nice big 130 gal tank that he uses for goldfish only. I don't know why he wants the silver dollars when all he has is goldfish, but he runs a pond business where he helps people set up their ponds and stock them. So they will at least have a HUGE playground - 130 is twice the size of mine. He's taking the pleco too, and says that when he gets too big for the tank he can just live in the pond as well. So the pleco will have a happy life.

I'm really sad. That pleco I've had ever since my very first 10g tank! He's been in three different tanks since. However, I noticed this morning that he's outgrown his latest favourite hidey hole, so I guess it's for the best. I'll miss him.

The fish guy said that there are a couple weather loaches left, and he'll give me one for free since I got one without a tail, whom, by the way, I haven't seen once since I put him in the tank, except late last night when I was looking for my fave clown and found him wedged between two rocks on his side. I know clowns well enough to know that that's how they like to nap. Anyway, the weather loach was smushed right in there next to him, just looking at me. It looked like they were making love and angry that I'd disturbed them.

So a big day today - three huge fish gone and two new loaches.
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