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Hm... well my house would probably get a little out of control and a bit smelly if I let 3 unspayed females and 7 intact males running around.

I mean.... would YOU come over my house if my cats weren't fixed? My house would REEEEEK from the males spraying.. plus my numbers would go up awfully quick... start with 10 inside and I'd be up to 100 in no time. Not to mention all but 1 of my cats are related to each other.... ewww inbreeding!

Plus cats are happier and healthier when they are fixed. My cat Socks wasn't fixed when I first found her as a stray and she quickly got pregnant.

I mean, my entire feral cat colony outback and 10/11 of my cats are direct descendants of ONE female cat (named Momma!) who was at one point either lost or abandoned... more likely tossed out.

So yeah... and I fix my feral kitties as well and when I first moved into my house there were probably between 30 and 40 cats outback. The nice ones were adopted out, I took in the rest of the nice or semi-nice ones, and there feral/unsociable ones were all spayed or neutered plus vaccines. I also give them flea treatments when I can and dewormers in their foods from time to time to keep everyone happy and healthy! Now there are a total of 5 completely feral, 1 semi-feral and 1 friendly feral outback.

Spaying and neutering was a very simple answer to all the problems in my neighborhood All the kitties are so happy and healthy now and no fighting!
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