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Originally Posted by Bearsmom View Post
Well stated, 14+. I was going to post that my pets are fixed, as am I.

The rest of the stuff, I can't follow the thread/question because I'm just too g*ddamned tired tonight.
I too, am spayed, had my rabies vax's and awaiting adoption.

All that aside. Spaying & neutering makes a healthier, happier pet. An added spaying/neutering, you can rule out hormonal cancers that can and most likely WILL happen in their lifetime. Especially in pure breeds.
I do not need to go into other details about the unwanted pets since others have already covered this.
Animals are a luxury that we lovers indulge ourselves in. Comparing human vs. pets is , well, apples and oranges.
I have my own opinion about the human part of this thread, I am not here for that, it is a pet forum.
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