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Originally Posted by Bearsmom View Post
Is the world ethical? No. Is speutering ethical? I believe so. Should some people not have children? Yes.

I'm unsure of what your point is. Is it that you don't think breeders should be in business? Have you ever purchased a purebred dog? Perhaps you should make a point of shadowing a truly ethical breeder and check out the amount of dedication and work that goes into raising truly purebred animals.

okokok, so let me just make sure I understand you correctly. What you're saying is that spaying / neutering your pet is a MUST unless you're an ethical breeder. Correct? ... Doesn't seem right to me somehow.

I've already made my point. I don't think everyone should agree or think the way I think. I just believe that being a responsible human being involves thinking things through and making responsible changes.
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