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Thanks everyone The only sign she has of the pouch that was left is a small area about the size of a baseball that hangs down from her chest at the bottom of the incision. It is soft now but when my vet saw her last it was hard in the center and my vet hoped it wasn't a third Lipoma that she had missed with all the blood she lost during the surgery but she hoped it was a hematoma because the drain was in the middle of the pouch before she pulled it out. I thought it was the skin that was left from the empty "pouch" and probably a hematoma and since it is now soft, it must have been the hematoma my vet suggested. You can't see it in the picture because when my son took it, he didn't include the bottom of her chest.

Anyway I am very happy it has turned out so well and I know my vet will be thrilled when she sees her next to find that it wasn't a third Lipoma that she missed.

Now that she is healthy but has the chronic renal failure, my goal is to improve her creatinine level as my vet thought it was higher because of the stress her body was under from the Lipoma. Pepper is scheduled to go back for her blood work in January.

BTW the reason she looks so sad in the pics I was holding her carrot so my son could take the picture and I wouldn't give it to her until he was done because she would have immediately run off with it. :LOL:
Thanks everyone
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