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Today's Update!

Thank-you for writing back to me!
I have been keeping him warm in my bathroom (warmest place in the apartment) and I have been consistently cleaning up after him, because he was throwing up all night.. I have also gently been keeping his wound clean and applying more Polysporin. It looks so much better today! And he is so much more active..

I do believe he was in some state of shock, and I also agree that it was most likely a larger bird trying to feed on him.. It would explain his loss of feathers and where he was injured, etcetera.

Today I am going to find something to make into a perch, and also I will stop at my local Walmart to see what seed they have available (I had fed him what unsalted grain & seed crackers I had around). I saw him drinking a nice amount of water and attempting to eat the crackers & seeds, so that's a good sign!

I will definitely still call as many places as I can to ask information and whether they will take him in.. I also have someone coming over tonight who knows a lot about taking care of injured animals.

I will let you all know more as it happens..
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