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Help with hurt pigeon!

I found a pigeon downtown today (December 3rd) that is missing a large amount of flesh from the back of his neck towards the top of his head, slightly bigger than a two dollar coin. I applied Polysporin to his wound and he seems to be in well enough shape, as he seems coherent and able to walk and preen, although he has not eaten or drank any water that I have seen. I am worried because as I stated, it is a rather deep wound so I am not sure if he will be able to fully heal. I cannot take him to any shelters in my area, as all of them have already admitted they will euthanize him, although they have yet to see his condition. I have not been able to locate any pigeon or wild bird recovery centres in my area (Hamilton, Ontario) unless they are a bird of prey.

Does anyone know where I can take him? Or what else I can do to help him heal? Any suggestions would be great..

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