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call me if you like

I have lost my orange tabby my search on Glastonbury, I did run across an orange and white stray cat...905-335-0920
Originally Posted by BethB View Post
I'm new here, and sorry to be asking for help, in my first post, but...

We've lost our "Eskie", a 4 yr old orange and white male short-haired cat. His most distinguishing marking is a thin white marking that runs from the top of his forehead to his nose. He will start purring as soon as you talk to him or touch him (unless he's too frightened by now).

He was last seen in the house @ 10 am Thanksgiving Monday on Cavendish Dr. (closest cross street, Melissa)

He is an indoor cat, and we're terribly worried about him... he is such a sweetie, and we miss him.

I can't seem to figure out how to upload a picture file.

Could you please help by looking around your yard for him, and keeping an eye out as you travel the neighborhood?

We will provide a reward to anyone who finds our boy.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!


(and hubby and daughter and Tang Chi, a queen who has lost one of her subjects, and Cooper, who misses playing chase with his "brother"
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