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Originally Posted by clm View Post
I'll never understand how people can not love their pets. I just don't get it. How can you take a pet into your home and not care about it? How can you arbitrarily decide to euthenize a healthy cat that you've had for 7 years instead of finding it a good home? How can you think you have the right to take that life away? How can you keep a cat in your home for a year and do nothing more than feed it crap food and boot it out the door and forget about it, and then dump it off on someone else when you decide you don't want it anymore? How can you look at a dog or cat as a cash cow to do nothing more than produce babies for you to sell. How can you move away and leave your dog or cat behind. How can you just let your budgie or cockatiel go outside because you can't be bothered with the birds anymore.
I could never consider people who do any of these things as friends, nor would I ever trust anyone who had that little respect for life.

So well said, clm, I just don't understand it .

to you badger, I think I would go into complete depression if I had to deal with what you do.
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