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Puce has been dumped - on me!

So, through a good friend on this board, I managed to find a cheap(er) neuter for my neighbour's cat, which he got last summer for his daughter (who lives elsewhere and could care less). An hour on the metro/bus, an hour back, in rush hour.

So when I got back, I went to see my neighbour, gave him the address of the clinic and said it was his responsibility to fetch Puce tomorrow after work (he starts and finishes early and they are open until 7:30 at least). OK. Ten minutes later, he knocks on my door and said there was no way the cat could ever come inside his apartment again (a problem with fleas, which he has not really addressed. The cat has been dosed twice). So he's 'giving' him to me. He'll pay for the neuter but that's it.

Even though in retrospect I should have seen it coming, I'm afraid I completely lost it, to the point where the coward ran home to his beer.
He knows my place is crawling with cats and that I am incapable of throwing Puce into the alley to fend for himself. He had it all worked out! So we are now 14 and winter has just begun. Arrggghhhhh!

Here is Puce. He is just a year old and has never been given the affection he deserves (except from me). A bowl of Meow-Mix a day and a boot out the door was pretty much his lot.
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