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Regarding winter/cats & cars

Hey guys,

Since winter is fast approaching, (i know it seems like winter, but it's not offically winter till Dec 21) anyhoo, it is however extremely cold outside.

Just wanted to remind everyone, that before going out to your car in the morning PLEASE either pound on the hood or honk your horn a few times and in both times wait a few seconds before starting your cars.

Car engines are the perfect warm toasty spot for a cat that is outdoors in the winter and looking to keep warm.

I have already had one case, of a cat that was in a car engine and the car was turned on. Half of the cats face was pretty much gone. It was humanely put down. Poor guy also. It ended up binging his girlfriends cat. He was at the vets and was calling her.

So PLEASE think before you start your car in the morning.

Maybe Marko, can make this a sticky?

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