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Aww Alex is on there I was just thinking about him today.... I was thinking about using one of the few pictures I have of Alex & his siblings and printing it out and having it framed and giving it to Debbie (the foster mom who took them from me because I had too many kittens already)

I'm really still upset over that... things will never be the same for me with kittens. I'm litterally too afraid to bring any kittens in my house anymore! I wouldn't even let the litter born after Alex & co ever come over... I washed my hands like crazy, threw my clothes in the wash and kept my shoes outside. That's how horrified I am about FeLV now :sad:

I was thinking of using this one...

Sadly, I only took about a dozen pictures of them before bringing them to the shelter and none of them turned out well. My camera was broken, all I had was my phone and poor lighting outback.
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