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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Frenchy! congrats on your new additon! I hope she comes around quick!

How is she today?

Thanks Cindy , Custard has been eating , drinking and has used her litter , so far so good ! She has also switched desk to lay on. I find is pretty good that she is not hiding in the closet (I left it open) or under the bed. Of course if I get too close she hisses at me.

I think the lady who "caught" her from the streets , had her inside her house for a week , and Custard would go and see her late in the evenings and let her pet her. But she had been feeding her outside for months. So here , this might take longer because she doesn't know me.

I go and sit on the bed and talk to her , will do this for a couple times a day. She's so cute I just want to hug and kiss her but if I do this right now , I might end up disfigured
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