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wow i would love to see the realestates person face if they ever opened my door if i was not home, chomp chomp chomp, charlie would eat them alive, casey is a good boy and daisy is very good also, wow. daisy is PB yes, didnt she go off her head at the strange voices and foot steps?? charlie would freak if she didnt know the foot steps or voices, but then us gals lived alone for many years so she is a good little watch dog and VERY protective of her mummy .

my realestate would never come here without me, its against the law for one and they know about the dog, i have told them she would tear their legs off if they ever entered my property without me, she really would (meaning the house not yard). and what do you know, they give me at least 3 weeks notice, ha ha ha.

i always said if anyone were ever brave enough to come in when im not home (not family and friends, i mean streangers) and rob us, they can have the lot for a reward for the bravery and sheer stupidity

glad casey is on his way to not eating all the rubbish, gosh that must be hard.
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