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These were the results from the last test in Sept:

Originally Posted by growler View Post
So her Creatinine has dropped a tiny bit again @ 217 (last month 218), her BUN has gone up a bit :sad: @ 21.5 (last month 18.2) Calcium still in normal down a wee bit from last month, Phosphorus up a little but still well within normal. Her USG has also dropped :sad: to 1.022
I got the results back from this month's test:
BUN 25.1 still rising :sad:
Creatinine 268 big jump from 2 months ago :sad:
Phosphorus 1.41 still well within normal
Calcuim 2.6 still well within normal
USG 1.020 still dropping :sad: but not as much as it did between the previous two tests
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