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Originally Posted by moontamara
Sorry Schwinn, I didn't explain myself very well. She wants me to give her my keys any time I leave (including when I leave Casey behind) because we're showing my apartment to potential replacement renters. Because my husband and I are the ones breaking the 2 year lease, we need a replacement before we can move out! It benefits me for the greatest number of people possible to view our apartment -- but I won't jeapordise my dog's safety for that! Anyway, does it make more sense now? I am kind of sleepy this morning!
Okay, that makes more sense. We ran into that issue when we sold our last house. We asked that we be given notice, and we made sure that we took Daisy out. And when we did go without her, we put her in her bedroom (yes, she had her own room, since we don't have kids) with the baby gate up, just in case.

That being said, it sounds like it's a non-issue now, so congratulations!
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