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Actually, I gave away my spare pleco with the 20g, so I only have one, but he's kind of lazy

Everyone seems to be doing well so far. The gouramis are getting quite large, one seems to be the head honcho of the whole tank, even though there are a couple other bigger guys in there. The gouramis and the yellow rainbows nip each others tails a bit, but the tails grow back quickly, so I assume everyone's healthy.

My algae eaters are definitely siamese, not chinese. I read about that.
One of my three clowns I've had for over a year and he's just about 5 inches maybe? So I'm not worried about them for a long time, they are growing quite slowly. I just went to estimate his size, and found him molesting the kuhli loaches, rubbing his fins all over them. It was funny. The kuhlis have finally come out of hiding. I put them in and didn't see them for about a month! Now they hang out all the time!
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