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Originally Posted by moontamara
Oh, one more thing... What do you think about leaving Casey home alone and giving my keys to the landlady when I have to go out without Casey? (this is what the landlady wants). Bad idea, right? Casey might get scared and run out if strangers just come into the home when he's expecting me... Any ideas? He is no longer crated during the day, and I'm sure he would still freak out and make quite a ruckus while the viewers were there. My current plan is to always be close enough that I can get home within 20 minutes (not an easy task in Seoul!!!), and just leave my phone number on the door. What would you guys do?

Once again, THANK YOU!!!!
I would tell her thanks, but my dog will be fine. Why does the landlady want the keys? Honestly, it would boil down to how much you trust her. Nothing to do with your pooch, I would just have issue with giving my landlord carte blanche to enter my apartment.
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