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Elizabeth, there was no faux pas! You did great, and you're always so thorough in your explanations on this board! I know I'm overly sensitive at times, especially when I'm frustrated! I went to clear one thing up though -- there are actually two of us living in Korea on this board (don't know if you got confused -- there's a new member called "Hound dog" who has also benefitted from your advice on the "Agressive dog" thread.)

Also, I want to add that I did show my authority and won the fight when Casey snarled -- that wasn't my worry here. I just don't want to ever be in that situation again! One additional thing -- in the house it's all totally different. The only bad thing he does is run away with socks, but that's my husband's fault for chasing him and making it a game more than once , and we're all working on that! He doesn't show any food possessiveness whatsoever with any food in the house, whether it is dropped accidentally or given to him -- only when we're outside with food that he's found.

Thanks so much Elizabeth, Lucky Rescue (I laughed out loud about the cream cheese thing -- wonder how that happened!), Schwinn and W4F. Advice and support are always appreciated!

I've got a lot of free time while I wait for our real estate issues to be solved and I can move to the city where my husband is already working -- I guess I know how part of my time will be spent!!! I'll let you know how it goes!

Oh, one more thing... What do you think about leaving Casey home alone and giving my keys to the landlady when I have to go out without Casey? (this is what the landlady wants). Bad idea, right? Casey might get scared and run out if strangers just come into the home when he's expecting me... Any ideas? He is no longer crated during the day, and I'm sure he would still freak out and make quite a ruckus while the viewers were there. My current plan is to always be close enough that I can get home within 20 minutes (not an easy task in Seoul!!!), and just leave my phone number on the door. What would you guys do?

Once again, THANK YOU!!!!