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so it seems like the consensus of everyone over here (some fishy buddies) is that the plecos are a concern. they get big and frankly the two of them will poop as much as all of your other fish combined. you also dont NEED them at all if you have actual Siamese Algae Eaters. think you can get a pic of them?? if they ARE actual SAE, those suckers are almost worth their weight in gold (functionally speaking) and will to a rather remarkable job of keeping algae out of your tank. if they ARENT SAE and are actually Chinese Algae Eaters.... THOSE will start eating your other fish, bite by bite, as they get older. they are one of the ONLY fish i think shoudl be taken out of the aquarium trade. they are hideous to have in an aquarium!!

otherwise the gourami may get aggressive, along with your headstander (although if they ARENT so far, dont worry about it).

keep up witht he water changes in the 10g. it seems (by my novice opinion having never kept tetras nor corys) a little over stocked. if you notice any of your corycats losing barbells or any sort of excessive algae growth, up your weekly water changes to include another gallon or two.

also those plecos may (which translates into 'will probably') get aggressive with each other. keep an eye out for that too.

lastly those clown loaches will EVENTUALLY get huge. when i say huge i mean HUGE and will need to be rehomed but thats not for a while down the road. from what i understand they grow very slowly.

im -really- sorry i didnt see these sooner!! i feel like such a dolt for not looking specifically. i know ive missed a bunch these last few months.

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